Wood Islands for Kitchens

Integrating fine woods in kitchen countertop designs has been steadily growing for years.  In addition to having waterproof properties as a kitchen countertop, wood provides unique design alternatives that almost no other hard surface can match:

  • Wood countertops are warm to the touch. Most islands are gathering places for friends and family and people frequently lean on or touch the island surface.  Stone countertops are cold to the touch and not as inviting for people to lean forward or become comfortable with their hands, arms or elbows touching the top.
  • It is a less common surface and a distinguishing statement. Butcher block or wood countertops represent approximately 7% of the surfaces industry today.  Although wood far outpaces other surfaces’ growth, it is still a unique surface in North America (wood is a predominant surface in Europe) and considered popular among the “early adopter” designers and homeowners.  A majority of our wood countertops are produced with cutouts for undermounted sinks…further proof that they are waterproof!
  • Wood countertops are long-lasting and easily refurbished. Do you like things looking absolutely perfect with a high gloss level and brand new?  No problem…wood countertops come with a highly durable finish and with minimal care and a moderate amount of attention will stay that way.  Do you prefer to have more of a rustic look?  Wood countertops and butcher block can also be made with a “distressed” finish where we add dings, slight gouges and marks to your top before it is shipped…so it already looks like you’ve had it for years.  Regardless, if you ever want your top reconditioned, it’s as easy as stripping the finish, re-sanding and re-finishing your countertop.