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Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home AlabamaThis photo came across my desk this morning, and I'm just in love with the sleek, efficient design of this kitchen in Alabama. What's more, this customer reached out to say they are still happy with their wood countertop a year later! Whoever said wood was old-fashioned didn't see this [more]

Benjamin Jacobs House Renovation

Benjamin Jacobs House Renovation   We're so happy to hear kind words from Sarah Toms after she purchased our wood countertops for her impressive kitchen renovation! Check her out at her blog post here or at to see the amazing things she's done in her renovation. Beautiful job, Sarah. Thanks for choosing Craft-Art in your [more]

Driftwood... EVERYWHERE!

Driftwood... EVERYWHERE!It's been a busy March at Craft-Art! On top of the normal Spring rush, we've got 350 square feet of our absolutely fabulous driftwood floating through the shop. This Craft Art specialty finish is all the rage right now, and we're entirely jealous of the lucky Georgia family that's remodeling [more]

Training Tuesdays

Training TuesdaysEVERY Tuesday - 1 time, 1 hour Wood Countertop Product Training! Increased demand for wood countertops - and wood countertops 411 - has allowed us to expand our Wood Countertop Product Training to EVERY Tuesday. It's a ONE TIME, ONE HOUR Training that teaches you all things wood countertops. Click here to [more]


As a 5 Star Rated wood countertop manufaturer, Craft Art will bring your design dreams to life with our line of solid, waterproof wood countertops, stainless steel countertops, and copper countertops. All of our specialty surfaces are expertly hand-crafted to bring elegance, warmth and durability to any decor. Whether you are choosing an island countertop, a kitchen countertop, a bathroom countertop, a wet bar countertop or a cutting board / butcher block, Craft Art has the broadest selection of the highest quality wood surfaces to meet your needs!

Craft Art also offers a limited line of Do-It-Yourself wood countertops.