Upcycle. No Scrap.

Upcycle. No Scrap.Craft Art uses the highest quality lumber for our wood countertops. Not all the wood [more]

Waterproof Wood? I don't believe you.

Waterproof Wood? I don't believe you.  The number one concern we hear is "But it's a wood countertop. There's no way it's [more]


Craft Art BRAG BOOKSo, who is using Craft Art wood countertops and how? Check us out all over [more]

Paralympic Gold Medalist Wins at Renovation

Paralympic Gold Medalist Wins at RenovationWood countertops may not change the world, but this man does. Bert Burns, Paralympic gold [more]

"It was as insane as you think it was."

Jen Hatmaker isn't just a big HGTV star (she is). She isn't just a mom [more]

Reviews on Houzz.com

Reviews on Houzz.comSee reviews of Craft Art wood countertops on Houzz.com.  Craft Art takes pride in providing the best [more]

As a 5 Star Rated wood countertop manufaturer, Craft Art will bring your design dreams to life with our line of solid, waterproof wood countertops, stainless steel countertops, and copper countertops. All of our specialty surfaces are expertly hand-crafted to bring elegance, warmth and durability to any decor. Whether you are choosing an island countertop, a kitchen countertop, a bathroom countertop, a wet bar countertop or a cutting board / butcher block, Craft Art has the broadest selection of the highest quality wood surfaces to meet your needs!

Craft Art also offers a limited line of Do-It-Yourself wood countertops.